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This Homepage was created in its full quantity by


It feels good to clear out things.
So I feel good by having walked through some photographic quantities.
I even feel more good: It´s a fun to walk through an exhibition,
and to be allowed to say: THIS IS SHIT.

.. and let the shit go on with a shitty sideway I placed in this internet exhibition: Go on, robot, and translate this simple english phrases. You manage that, do you?

Es fühlt sich gut zu räumen Dinge.
So fühle ich mich gut, indem er durch einige fotografische Mengen gingen.
Ich selbst fühle mich gut: Es ist ein Spaß, durch eine Ausstellung zu gehen,
und erlaubt zu sagen: Es handelt sich SCHEISSE.


48+43+41+31+24+16+12+2 = 217 selfmade photos are in these sides, done by Chris or Donate. 408 snapshots from the internet are added.


"The English Cycle":    fisheye > hand out > twin pics > human mutations

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